Hybrid Combat Martial Arts

Jigoro Kano and Kyuzo Mifune

Everyone has a reason they train in martial arts, there is one thing that is common to us all and that is the desire to improve.  It can be frustrating and we can get impatient, but skill doesn’t manifest itself over night.  There is no secret to getting better in a short space of time, if there was a secret it would be consistency, which can only come with dedication and discipline.   For some, the hardest technique to master is actually getting to the gym.  Once there, the rest is easy.

There is a nice motivational story of the one armed Judoka. The story goes that a young boy lost one of his arms in an accident, trained in Judo and won a tournament under the tutelage of his Sensei.
Hybrid Combat Martial Arts

Patience, consistency, determination and courage.  It takes all of those things to train regularly, every student displays them just by turning up to classes each week.

You only make improvements by following the material being taught in your classes.  A good coach and instructor is in that position because of their knowledge, skill and teaching ability.

A student should be able to ask questions, but also listen and follow instruction. If you’re new to a club you will see from the student base how good your instructor is.  Their attitude, the atmosphere in the classes and the mood among the students are all good indicators.

All teachers have a job to bring out the best in their students, they should make it easy to trust their knowledge and experience. Be patient and realise that we’re not in the Matrix and you can’t just wake up knowing Jiu Jitsu, that is an unrealistic expectation no instructor help you achieve. All of this takes time and there will be a lot of repetition to ingrain things and build muscle memory but it should be enjoyable, so get to class…..  Learn. Improve. Apply.