Hybrid Combat | JKD/Kali

“A big congratulations to my student Suleyman Cetin who I promoted today to Apprentice instructor level 3 (year 1) in both the Filipino martial arts and the Jun Fan arts. A dedicated and talented individual who is the epitome of hard work. A pleasure to have him representing our team as the Bradford representative ?”


Whenever I can I make efforts to fit in some training when I am travelling, especially when I am back in London. Back at the end of July I spent some time at CFS HQ with Guro David Onuma,as well as with fellow CFS members and instructors which was great, as always.

I was humbled, surprised, pleased and excited all at the same time when Master David told me he was going to promote me in the Jun Fan and Filipino Martial Arts to Apprectice Level 3, under the Combined Fighting Systems instructor rankings.

Progression and development is something everyone wants, especially the more you have put in to your time and training. However, it is always an unexpected thing as it isn’t the reason you train but a result of it, and you you have no indication of when it might happen.

I would like to thank Master David again for the promotion, for all the training, time guidance and friendship over the years. Looking forward to more! Osss!