Head Instructor: Suleyman Cetin

Coach Suleyman Cetin has been training in martial arts for over 25 years. Additionally he has experience working in education having spent time as a Teaching Assistant at a secondary school and sixth form in Tottenham, London.

He is passionate about helping others and using martial arts as a means for enhancing life and empowering individuals.

Over the years he has trained with many instructors in various systems and gained Black Belt and Instructor levels connecting him to a lineage that leads to late Bruce Lee.

  • Head Instructor Hybrid Combat
  • Black Belt: Jun Fan/JKD/FMA/Grappling (Sifu/Guro Bob Breen)
  • Black Belt: Jun Fan/JKD/FMA (Sifu/Guro David Onuma)
  • Black Belt: CFS Arts Kickboxing (Coach David Onuma)
  • Blue Belt: CFS BJJ (Prof. David Onuma)
  • Instructor Level 2: SBL Silat (Guro Alvin Guinanao)
  • DBS checked