Last Friday (14th July) I had the privilege of spending the day with the legendary Ernesto Hoost and learning from him in what was a fantastic seminar! Seminars are a great way to get concentrated training in with individuals you normally don’t have access to, due to distance or schedules. How often do multiple world champions and accomplished martial artists who live abroad visit your town?

Ernesto is a real gentleman and all round great guy, he was generous enough to go through some of his favourite techniques, set ups and counters – all developed in high level competition. It was a treat for everyone in attendance and those that didn’t make it really missed out!

I’m going to be drilling and blending what he showed us into my own game and have already been doing some pad work with students and training partners.

Things included were and not limited to:

  • Lead leg kick defence
  • Rear round kick set up
  • Unmatched leads
  • Knee set up
  • Head kick set up

I want to extend a big thank you again to Ernest Hoost for coming to Bradford, to Paul Johnson of Real Jeet Kune Do and Lucci Del-Gaudio of LDG Combat Ju-Jitsu who organised the UK Tour and drove up here.

Many thanks to everyone that came and supported the event, a couple of videos to follow, see you at the next one!

Train hard and stay safe!
Suleyman Cetin