Do you like tools and gadgets? I definitely do and have a number of various sticks and multi-tools, to add to my modest collection I recently got this item from the Free Soldier store on Aliexpress

I want to start by saying the quality of this staff is good, as you would expect for rugged use and environments. All the pieces are Aluminium, for light weight, the overall colour is not exactly the same however, I went for gun metal grey but it isn’t as dark as the photos make out, there is also a slight difference in shade between a few of the pieces if you look carefully. (Not much difference can be seen in the pictures).

There are two “tool” pieces you get with it, the first being a water filter which I would use as just that, a water filter. There is a difference between filtered and purified water. Purified is safer to drink as filtered water only has physical things removed.

The tools from the Tool piece are decent and contain a whistle, compass, spork, flint stone and multi purpose tool. I think a sewing kit and matches would’ve been nice, though there’s enough space in the cylinders to add various items of your choice.

Water Filter  Multi Tools

Fortune Soldier have various pieces that can be used with the staff, I think I would like the fishing rod attachment they do which has a telescopic fishing rod in it!

I like that the threads are large enough to avoid any future problems with them being damaged as small threads sometimes do, they’ve even put rubber rings on the ends of the pieces to make sure the connections are secure and air tight when fully closed. The knife and sickle accessories aren’t particularly sharp, I will have to sharpen them!

All the accessories are attached discreetly into the other cylinder pieces and can be used to attach to the end of all the pieces you get, there are many attachment combinations. The staff with all the stock standard pieces combine to make a staff that is around 1.35 metres (4′ 5″). Roughly the length of a Japanese Jo staff

Overall I think this is a great, versatile bit of kit that can be used in many ways, I bought the extra adapter piece with which you can have pieces used at right angles to make even more tools, I made a mini Mjölnir, with enough pieces you could make crutches or a strong frame for a stretcher… now there’s an idea!!

img_20160903_142014-large img_20160903_142032-large


Double Stick Kali configuration


What do you get in the box?

There are 15 pieces in total, the main pieces that assemble into the staff are:

3 Standard threaded pieces
1 Centre attachment piece
1 Fishing spear attachment
1 Slingshot attachment
1 Knife attachment
1 Tool piece containing several tools
1 Water filter piece
2 Pointed end pieces

Additionally there are:
3 Rubber pieces for use with slingshot or water filter
1 Leather shot band to use with slingshot

I paid £88 for the staff, then extra for the additional accessories, delivery was free! If you decide you want to buy one of these, send the store a link to this post and you should get roughly £10 discount.


Suleyman Cetin