Thank you so much Guro for your continued support and everything you share with me so generously. Repping CFS proudly. ?

Cross training in Martial Arts can appear daunting at first, there are an endless amount of styles and systems from striking arts, to grappling arts and weapon based systems. Some choose to train in one system or maybe two. JKD is about having an answer to whatever you may be faced with – in the most effective, economic and functional way for you. The key thing that makes JKD what it is, for me at least, is understanging principles. More on this later!

I have been focussing lately on weaponry, along with Silat and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As you all know I was fortunate enough to start my JKD journey at the Bob Breen Academy and all the fantastic instructors there. In addition I have been training privately one to one with Guro David Onuma since I think 2006 maybe.

Last weekend I was back in London for the brilliant 4D seminar. As always I factored in another private session with Guro David. The hashtag #GameChangingShit always rings true even before the training session is over! I told him I was wanting to work on my game planning when rolling and avoid certain things, he showed me a few details and the coin dropped imediately and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face with the knowledge of how much it would improve my game! No, I’m not going to share what those details were – you’ll have to come along to Master David’s seminar in Bradford in July this year or seek him out otherwise!! 🙂

We had a couple of round of rolling and things were already so much better and there was a definite “before” and “after” improvement. After the rolls, Master David took out some white tape and gave me 4 stripes on my white belt. I was already so happy with my little improvements and this was a great bonus for me.

As always my personal journey in martial arts is what is important to me, even when I was training in Shotokan Karate as a kid and early teens, I was never really motivated by gradings, something that never changed for me. That said, consistent hard work does indeed pay off and recognition for your efforts is given even if you weren’t seeking them. Progression and grade are important, BJJ is an art I wanted to progress in and the stripes were evidence of that and I am grateful.

JKD Concepts have allowed me to think scientifically about Martial Arts, what makes a technique work and why? This question has allowed me to carry skills between arts and given me the bonus of reducing the time it takes to improve in different systems and arts. #IntelligentCombat which is the CFS motto.

Happy training and stay safe!
Suleyman Cetin