Throughout October I taught a Self Defence crash course to a corporate client, 16 AECOM employees attended private classes hosted at BPM Bike Labs in Leeds, who were super cool throughout.

There was an interest in self defence from staff, especially with shorter days and loner nights approaching and the number of violent crime in the area.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and got stuck right in with everything we covered. Hats off to the ladies especially!

The most important thing, as I told everyone, was that they were already at an advantage in terms of defending themselves, they booked a course to equip themselves against a no way out situation. Mindset and awareness is very important and there is always an option.

Material we covered was:
Escape and escalation, distance management, protecting your space using “The Fence” or “4D Box“, defending against a strike, how to break a hold from the front, behind, escapes from ground and a knife threats.

I had a lot of fun and a great meal out after the last session with everyone, I look forward to an opportunity to share more with staff from AECOM in future, and working again with the wonderful people at BPM Bike Labs.

Stay safe!


Suleyman Cetin