I had the pleasure of teaching a self defence course to a small group of employees of AECOM in Leeds.  Self defence is a serious enough subject and the material covered should take this into account but the learning process should be fun, I’ve always said you learn more if you’re having fun and the sessions seemed to whizz by! The sessions took place at From Crossfit Leeds www.formleeds.com who have a great training centre and were super cool!

We covered all the basics which were:

  • Situational awareness and avoidance
  • Protecting your personal space
  • Basic striking
  • Defending a common strike
  • Defending common holds
  • Defence when mounted
  • Defence when someone is on your guard
  • Defending an attack from a knife and a bat

Starting any kind of martial arts or self defence classes is one the hugest and most empowering steps anyone can take towards protecting themselves. It is the conscious decision and action that you want to learn how to deal with an unsavoury situation if it ever happened.There are many positive health and social outcomes to martial arts training, I have met some amazing people on my journey and travelled to parts of the world I never would have imaged! I have seen people transform themselves and grow immensely in confidence.

It was great to see so much interest from everyone and how well they took to instruction, and how their confidence in the techniques grew. The only downside is when they start using that confidence on you! 🙂

Thank you to everyone that took part, I hope to see you all soon!

Take care and stay safe,
Suleyman Cetin