Everyone dreams in their sleep, I very rarely remember my dreams, I remember last nights though! I was in a small community held up in an a big old house getting ready for battle as we knew we were going to be attacked. Parts of this house was in fact the house I live in, so I took out my steel sticks from where I know they are stored. Then it flashed forward to the battle and I am fighting someone who also has sticks but can’t match me. My attack patterns were too free and theirs were too fixed in heaven 6 (a striking pattern). I overwhelmed them and moved on to the next enemy and cracked him in the side of the head.

The next thing I know the dream has changed and I’m in Hackney somewhere on a summer day with friends, we bump into Master Bob Breen! He’s great and we’re all having a laugh with his unique humour, until he starts taking out my friends one by one in devastating fashion, with ease and a big jolly smile on his face.

I’m no stranger to understanding dreams, each dream and the things in it are unique to the person who experienced the dream. What may seem unsettling might in truth not be.

This dream was about my martial arts journey past and present. I went to sleep feeling good and optimistic about martial arts and plans for the year ahead. (Exciting things happening for Hybrid Combat this year).

In this dream I saw myself using martial arts in a melee situation defending the well being of myself and my tribe. I then saw the person who I started learning these skills from and he is taking out old friends, each of whom I recognised as individuals I haven’t seen for over 12 years.

This was a reflection of a natural parting of ways with friends from my younger days who continued a different lifestyle. They went theirs and I went my own way empowered by a pursuit of martial arts, health, fitness and well-being. Certainly not the only one, but a major contributor on all of this was my time at the Bob Breen Academy in Hoxton. I recognised this enough at an unconscious level to see it manifested in a dream. For all of this I am grateful, I woke up feeling good as decoded the symbolism of my dream.

I will recommend two books, the first is Sifu Bob Breen’s Sparring and the second is Carl Jung’s Man and his Symbols which are both available on Amazon.

Be brave enough to set out on your own, do so with balance and purpose and never forget where you came from.

I wish you all the best in training and life! See you on the mats!

Suleyman Cetin