Guro Bob’s 4D Combat is genius, that’s what I want to start with because I found myself saying it repeatedly a couple of weeks ago at the fantastic 4D seminar in London. It was great to see Guro/Sifu Bob Breen who was nothing short of brilliant. The training progression was great and it was fascinating how much we done from simple foundations.

Guro Bob Breen has a deep understanding of martial arts and combat. His emphasis on practicality and economy of motion is always evident especially in his 4D Combat system. His ability to teach and deliver the details honed over decades of martial arts training is outstanding.

I think it’s vital for anyone serious about martial arts to experience 4D Combat. Techniques I’ve done for years now have more precision, which makes them more accessible and therefore more easier to use and rely on.

Everything we worked on was about practicality and integration, from the simple backfist to pak sao setup and numerous follow ups, to the detail of attachment and body alignment. It was great to have little things tweaked by Guro by the end of the day. An example of strong enabling principles and multiple dimensions of combat, I now have a better rear naked choke which works standing and on the ground, I can’t wait to try out!

In true JKD spirit, efficiency in everything we trained was easy to see, from striking to defence, clinch, takedowns and multiple opponents. Who doesn’t want some of that in their game!?

The turn out on the day was great and there were like minded people from the UK, Ireland and Europe there to get a piece of the action!

I loved my first 4D experience back in 2014 and can’t wait for more. To experience the development of something revolutionary is pretty awesome! Who doesn’t want the chance to tip things in their favour when it comes to combat? Regardless of your background, check out the 4D website and Facebook page for upcoming events and I’ll see you at the next seminar!

A big thank you to Guro Bob Breen, all my Academy and CFS friends and the new friends made on the day. Thank you to Thomas Smart for the additional photos.

Nothing beats training with the man himself, but until you get to attend a seminar check out the video pack for the basics of 4D Combat.

Happy training and stay safe!
Suleyman Cetin