I had a problem when I was at the gym, not getting enough fluids and not getting to refill as often as I should. So I bought a large jug to make sure I had enough water for longer or harder training sessions. To combat dehydration I figured I needed a big jug, a Big A.S.S. Jug!!

I picked up a 2.2litre Big Aminos, Stims and Shakes Jug for £10, it’s BPA and DEHP free. It has a secure lid that lines up with the handle so the spout and handle are roughly 90 degrees and you’re not having to hold the jug at a strange angle when drinking.

I fill it up and add a teaspoon of Cinnamon then give it a shake. Cinnamon has a lot of great benefits and doesn’t make the jug stink, it has a pleasant smell. A word of warning for Cinnamon lovers like me, the most commonly sold variety of Cinnamon is Cassia Cinnamon which contains Coumarin which is toxic in large doses. The other varient is Ceylon Cinnamon which is easily found online and in health shops.

According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, 1 teaspoon of cassia cinnamon powder contains approximately 5.8-12.1 mg of Coumarin .The Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) for Coumarin is 0.1mg/kg body weight/day. This is recommended by the European Food Safety Authority.


How much water intake you should have has been debated over the years but I’ve always felt it’s best to get at least 1.5 litres spread across the day, plus as much as you feel you need during and directly after a gym session.

Staying hydrated and drinking enough water throughout the day benefit:

  • Skin health
  • Joint health
  • Stress levels
  • Endurance and energy
  • Preventing kidney stones


Stay healthy, train hard and stay safe!
Suleyman Cetin.

(images courtesy of draxe.com and www.warriorproject.co.uk)