Classes and times:

In JKD you can expect to learn striking from a Boxing/Kickboxing base, defensive techniques, clinch work, trapping and take downs as well as ground fighting.

In the Kali sessions we start with body position, attack, defence and disarms. These skills will transfer over to other areas of weaponry such as double stick.

Kickboxing classes have lots of pad work and striking combinations, defences and counters.

In the Silat class we become familiar with base postures and connect them together in flowing movements with blocks, strikes and locks.

There is no strict uniform. Boxing gloves and focus pads are a bonus, but track bottoms or shorts, a t-shirt and comfortable trainers are enough to start.

I have had people book private sessions as gifts for their friends and family. Please feel free to use the Contact page if you are interested in private training. Alternatively you can message me directly on the Facebook page .

Saturdays at Team Fuliknazan, Bradford, BD1 2NE

JKD 13:00-14:00
4th Floor, Team Fulinkazan
114 Sunbridge Rd, Bradford BD1 2NE

Mondays (Glen Room) at Victoria Hall, Saltaire, BD18 3JS
JKD 18:00-19:00
Kali 19:00-20:00

Thursdays (Evans Room) at Victoria Hall, Saltaire, BD18 3JS
Kickboxing 18:00-19:00
Silat   19:00-20:00
Victoria Hall, Victoria Road
Saltaire, BD18 3JS