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 Welcome to Hybrid Combat Martial Arts, the only JKD/Kali group in Bradford.
Comprehensive and effective training and self defence.

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6 days ago

Hybrid Combat

This was some months ago.... Question: Coach, Kali is good but what's a good way to work my core?
My answer: 😂 (Do not put the butt of the sticks into the mats!)

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1 month ago

Hybrid Combat

I've recently been talking to you guys in class about reading your opponents and not being predictable yourself. We all have habits but we don't all know what they are. I teach certain things in classes to address this but fighting is JKD, we all have our own uniqueness, know yourself, build and be balanced!

See you in class! Ossssu!

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2 months ago

Hybrid Combat

Teaching 2 classes back to back after a long work day, I bought a bottle of water infused with green #coffee bean, I had maybe a third of it and it was like jet fuel to me! Wasn't sure if it showed but I was amped! 🤣 I'll stick to my beverage of choice, green tea in future!

Classes were great though, showed some cool #CFS #Kickboxing and some options from the over/under I know from #Wrestling and #CSW in the second class. I even got a sneaky roll in at the end! 😀

Always giving my best to share cutting edge stuff that make a difference to what you're doing and how you're doing it. Get down to the classes at the awesome #TeamFulinkazan and learn the cool stuff that you won't see in videos. I might even tell you where I bought that rocket fuel water! 😀 Enjoy!

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